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Maze aims to liberate the control of monetary policies to the people, just like Bitcoin aims to liberate the rights of currency issuance to the people.

  • Liberalized interest-rate pricing mechanism (MAZE)
  • Automated, trustless universal ecosystem for zero-interest lending
  • Optimized ultra low costs & efficient liquidity provision
  • Smart, composable, globally unified investment income
  • Fixed short term funding costs that are close-to-zero in the long term
  • Transportable costs & adjustable liquidity of the protocol simultaneously by arbitrage markets
  • Scalable services such as interest-rate instrument derivatives & exchanges

Perpetual Smart Bonds

PSBs are tokenized, easily calculated, managed by smart contracts, composable, with no explicit pay-off date.

  • Creditors &
    Strip Bonds

    Funding Maze Protocol’s asset pools creates an investment in perpetual smart strip bonds issued by the protocol, which will then settle a passive revenue every ten minutes in the form of MAZE.

  • Debtors &
    Zero-coupon Bonds

    Using the credit generated from collateral on Maze Protocol, the perpetual smart zero-coupon bonds are issued for users to borrow a selection of assets from the protocol without interest falling due.

MAZE token is the substantialization of interest rates, and the core driver of Maze Protocol.

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Carrier of

Rights of

MAZE Emission Controlled By

Stratified Harvest Regulating

Maze Protocol relies on a unique master issuance algorithm called Stratified Harvest Regulating (SHR). SHR is implemented through Farmbase smart contracts and allocates MAZE to different asset pools through well-defined rules based on the asset pools’ price feeds and supply-demand status. The sharing of Maze ecosystem’s revenue is the cornerstone of the protocol value. The mechanism ensures that the demand side’s costs of borrowing along with other revenues will be transmitted to the supply side.

Maze Suite

The Maze services are delivered separately within several products which serve different purposes.

Want to learn more?

  • Read the litepaper to learn from a non-technical perspective about the protocol’s concepts, structures and tokenomics, etc.

  • Study the whitepaper to learn from a technical perspective about the protocol’s principles and implementation.

  • Check the gitbook to find out the rules and parameters in use on Neko Network and Maze Protocol.

  • Follow the blog to keep updated with the newest events, progress and announcements regarding the project.

Akin to Polkadot’s canary network Kusama, Maze will first deploy on an experimental network, named Neko. Neko will launch on the mainnet with functions identical to Maze’s design, and the native token is NEKO. The objectives of Neko include testifying the feasibility of the product in the real world given controllable risks, and being a long-term trial platform for new functions in the future.

Current Stage:

Neko Core Beta